Fruity Video Player

デモバージョン :付属しているFruity Video Playerはデモ版です。追加されたビデオクリップを見るためには別途購入が必要です。

Fruity Video Playerは曲に同期して再生されるビデオプレイヤーです。ビデオイベントに同期して記録される必要のある音楽サウンドトラック用として非常に便利なツールです。

FL Studioはビデオ編集ソフトではないことを心にとめておいて下さい。このプラグインは単に映像を再生したり、音を抜き出したりできるだけです。どんなに最高の質と同期を持った音声を出力しようとしてもFL Studioは通常のWAVEファイルとして扱い、他のプラグインのようにFL Studioに流せます。


  • Browse Button - Click to browse and open a video file in the player.
  • Options Button - Click to select audio-rendering options and detach-window options.
  • Audio Rendering The audio handling in the video player is fairly slow compared to WAV files etc, so to save frustration several audio options are provided:
    • Don't render - No audio will be rendered, this is the quickest rendering mode.
    • Render fast - This is faster than the Slow option, but still quite slow. Quality is sacrificed for speed.
    • Render slow - This has the highest audio quality, but be prepared to wait.
  • ビデオウィンドウ:
    • Detached - Allows the video player to be detached from the FL Studio desktop.
    • Stay on top - Keeps the player window on top of all other windows.
    • Full screen - Shows the video in full screen mode, Esc to cancel.
  • オプション
    • Ignore tempo changes - Prevents the player re-syncing position when the FL Studio master tempo is changed.
  • Progress Bar - Shows the playback position of the video (the lit up section of the bar) and allows you to limit the video segment to be played from both sides (see the black handles over the progress bar).
  • Loop - If the video is shorter than the project you're working on, enabling this option will loop the video to fill the entire length of the project.
  • Aspect - Enable this option to preserve the original aspect ratio of the movie as you resize the window. Disabling it will fit the video perfectly in the window but may stretch it to an incorrect aspect ratio.
  • Mute - Enable this option to mute the video completely (no audio streamed in FL Studio).
  • Volume - Sets the volume of the audio track inside the video.


The Video Player works with windows native formats (.WMV, .AVI, .SWF etc). If you have a video in a format not recognized by the Video Player it should be converted to one of these formats first. For example, the .MOV format may or may not work, depending on the CODEC used to create it. In the case of .MOV, the QuickTime™ movie viewer (available from the Apple website) can be unlocked for a small fee to convert between .MOV and the .AVI format that can be used with the Fruity Video Player.

Duncan Fewkes, Frederic Vanmol

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