Allies Chapter 9: Leningrad ~レニングラード~

MOVIE:AFS09_DESC=At last, it is time to overthrow the Soviet leaders holed up in Leningrad.

SUBTITLE:AFS09_01=*[1.9:2.8]You caught them by the short and curlies, commander.
[ビンハム元帥] ヤツらの首根っこを押さえてやったな、司令官。

SUBTITLE:AFS09_02=*[5.1:1.4]They didn't know what hit them.
[ビンハム元帥] ヤツらにとっては不意打ちだったろう。

SUBTITLE:AFS09_03=*[7.6:2.8]Well, It looks like everything Zelinsky said was true.
[ビンハム元帥] ところで、ゼリンスキーが言ったことは本当のようだ。

SUBTITLE:AFS09_04=*[11.1:1.8]I can hardly believe it myself.
[ビンハム元帥] にわかには信じられないが。

SUBTITLE:AFS09_05=*[13.3:3.7]Those treacherous Russians are to blame for everything that has happened in this war.
[ビンハム元帥] 裏切り者のロシア人達に、この戦争で起こったこと全ての責任がある。

SUBTITLE:AFS09_06=*[17.8:2]The only thing that matters now
SUBTITLE:AFS09_07=*[20.1:3.8]is the complete and utter destruction of the Soviet Union.
[ビンハム元帥] 今重要なのは、ソビエト連邦の完全なる破壊だ。

SUBTITLE:AFS09_08=*[25:5.4]Cherdenko and Krukov have concentrated all their forces in the one place they believe is impregnable.
[ビンハム元帥] チェルデンコとクルコフは、難攻不落とされる場所に全戦力を集中配備した。

SUBTITLE:AFS09_09=*[30.9:2.1]The Peter and Paul Fortress in Leningrad.
[ビンハム元帥] レニングラードのペトロパヴロフスク要塞だ。

SUBTITLE:AFS09_10=*[34.3:1.6]Bring it down, commander!
[ビンハム元帥] 陥落せよ、司令官!

SUBTITLE:AFS09_11=*[36.3:2.9]Make them pay for their lies and betrayal!
[ビンハム元帥] 嘘と裏切りの代償を払わせるのだ!