Panic at the Disco
I Write Sins Not Tragedies 2000s Emo
Nine in the Afternoon 2000s Pop/Rock
Shes a Handsome Woman 2000s
10's 1990s Metal
13 Steps to Nowhere 1990s
Drag the Waters 1990s
Five Minutes Alone 1990s
Floods 1990s
I'm Broken 1990s
Living Through Me (Hell's Wrath) 1990s
Mouth for War 1990s
The Great Southern Trendkill 1990s
The Underground in America 1990s
(Reprise) Sandblasted Skin 1990s
Suicide Note Pt. II 1990s
Walk 1990s
War Nerve 1990s
Papa Roach
Last Resort 2000s Alternative
Lifeline 2000s
Time Is Running Out 2000s
Brick by Boring Brick 2000sPop/Rock
Crushcrushcrush 2000s
Ignorance 2000s
Misery Business 2000s
Pressure 2000s
That's What You Get 2000s
The Only Exception 2000s
Pat Benatar
Fire and Ice 1980s Classic Rock
Heartbreaker 1970s
Hit Me With Your Best Shot 1980s
Love is a Battlefield 1980s
Shadows of the Night 1980s
We Belong 1980s
Invincible 1980s
Promises in the Dark 1980s
Opening Band 2000s Pop/Rock
Paul McCartney
Band on the Run(Live) 2000s Rock
Jet(Live) 2000s
Maybe I'm Amazed 1970s Classic Rock
Sing the Changes(Live) 2000s Rock
Paul McCartney & Wings
Band on the Run 1970s Classic Rock
Helen Wheels 1970s
Let Me Roll It 1970s
Pearl Jam
Alive 1990s Grunge
Alive(Live:Drop in the Park) 2000s
Amongst the Waves 2000s
Black 1990s
Brother 2000s
Deep 1990s
Even Flow 1990s
Force of Nature 2000s
Garden 1990s
Gonna See My Friend 2000s
Got Some 2000s
Jeremy 1990s
Johnny Guitar 2000s
Just Breathe 2000s
Master/Slave 1990s
Oceans 1990s
Once 1990s
Porch 1990s
Release 1990s
Speed of Sound 2000s
State of Love and Trust(Live:Drop in the Park) 2000s
Supersonic 2000s
The End 2000s
The Fixer 2000s
Unthought Known 2000s
Why Go 1990s
Peter Frampton
Do You Feel Like We Do(Live) 1970s Rock
Llama 1990s Rock
Stash 1990s
Tweezer 1990s
Wilson(Live) 1990s
1901 2000s Alternative
Lasso 2000s
Lisztomania 2000s
Picture Me Broken
Dearest(I'm So Sorry) 2010s Metal
Funhouse 2000s Pop/Rock
Get the Party Started 2000s
Please Don't Leave Me 2000s
Raise Your Glass 2010s
Sober 2000s
So What 2000s
Who Knew 2000s
Crackity Jones 1980s Alternative
Dead 1980s
Debaser 1980s
Gouge Away 1980s
Here Comes Your Man 1980s
Hey 1980s
I Bleed 1980s
La La Love You 1980s
Monkey Gone to Heaven 1980s
Mr. Grieves 1980s
No. 13 Baby 1980s
Silver 1980s
Tame 1980s
There Goes My Gun 1980s
Wave of Mutilation 1980s
Platero y Tu
Hay Poco Rock N Roll 1990s Rock
New Wave 2000s Metal
Plain White T's
Natural Disaster 2000s Pop/Rock
Alive 2000s Nu-Metal
Boom 2000s
Youth of the Nation 2000s
Every Rose Has Its Thorn 1980s Glam
Nothin' but a Good Time 1980s
Talk Dirty to Me 1980s
Unskinny Bop 1990s
The Police
Can't Stand Losing You 1970s Rock
Don't Stand So Close to Me 1980s Pop/Rock
Every Breath You Take 1980s
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Message in a Bottle 1970s
Next to You 1970s
Roxanne 1970s
So Lonely 1970s
Synchronicity II 1980s
Truth Hits Everybody 1970s
Walking on the Moon 1970s
Poni Hoax
Antibodies 2000s New Wave
Presidents of the United States of America
Dune Buggy 1990s Pop/Rock
Feather Pluck'n 1990s
Ladybug 2000s
Lump 1990s
The Pretenders
Brass in Pocket 1980s Pop/Rock
Precious 1980s
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Something Bigger, Something Brighter 2000s Indie Rock
The Primitives
Jerry Was a Racecar Driver 1990s Alternative
Procol Harum
A Whiter Shade of Pale 1960s Classic Rock
Idealistic Types 2000s Metal
The Banishment 2000s Metal
The Psychedelic Furs
Love My Way 1980s New Wave
Pretty in Pink 1980s
Sister Europe 1980s
Puddle of Mudd
Blurry 2000s Alternative
Control 2000s
She Hates Me 2000s