Black Magic Woman 1970s Classic Rock
Santana (ft. Rob Thomas)
Smooth 1990s Classic Rock
Sara Evans
Suds in the Bucket 2000s Country
Save Ferris
Come on Eileen 1990s Reggae/Ska
Scars on Broadway
They Say 2000s Rock
Screaming Trees
Nearly Lost You 1990s Grunge
Semi Precious Weapons
Magnetic Baby 2000s Glam
Serj Tankian
Beethoven's C*** 2000s Rock
Empty Walls 2000s
Sky Is Over 2000s
All of This 2000s Indie Rock
Like a Fool 2000s
Tie You Down 2000s
Shania Twain
Any Man of Mine 1990s Country
Party for Two(With Billy Currington) 2000s
Party for Two(With Billy Currington) (RB3 Version) 2000s
Sheryl Crow
All I Wanna Do 1990s Pop/Rock
Bully 2010s Nu-Metal
The Crow and the Butterfly 2000s
Devour 2000s
Junkies for Fame 2000s
Second Chance 2000s
The Shins
New Slang 2000s Indie Rock
Shooter Jennings
Steady at the Wheel 2000s Country
Straight Lines 2000s Alternative
Tomorrow 1990s
Silversun Pickups
Lazy Eye 2000s Indie Rock
Melatonin 1990s
Panic Switch
Sort Of
Well Thought Out Twinkles 2000s
I Am a Rock 11960s Classic Rock
The Sounds of Silence 1960s
Siouxsie&the Banshees
Cities in Dust 1980s Pop/Rock
Hong Kong Garden 1980s
Kiss Them for Me 1990s
Peek-a-Boo 1980s
The Killing Jar 1980s
Life Is Beautiful 2000s Rock
Monster 2000s Rock
Dame Aire 2000s Metal
Black Magic 1980s Metal
Raining Blood 1980s
South of Heaven 1980s
Seasons in the Abyss 1990s
You're No Rock N Roll Fun 2000s Alternative
Before I Forget 2000s Metal
Duality 2000s Nu-Metal
Left Behind 2000s Metal
Psychosocial 2000s
Pulse of the Maggots 2000s
Snuff 2000s Nu-Metal
Sulfur 2000s
Wait and Bleed 1990s Metal
Smash Mouth
All Star 1990s Pop-Rock
Can’t Get Enough of You Baby 1990s
Walkin' on the Sun 1990s
Why Can't We Be Friends? 1990s
Smashing Pumpkins
Cherub Rock 1990s Alternative
Siva 1990s
Today 1990s
Zero 1990s
The Smithereens
A Girl Like You 1980s Rock
Only a Memory 1980s
The Smiths
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before 1980s Alternative
This Charming Man 1980s Indie Rock
Snoop Dogg
Beautiful 2000s Urban
Drop It Like It’s Hot 2000s
Ridin’ In My Chevy 2000s
Sensual Seduction 2000s
Snoop's Upside Ya Head 1990s
Tha Shiznit 1990s
That’s Tha Homie 2000s
Who Am I (What’s My Name)? 1990s
Snow Patrol
Take Back the City 2000s Alternative
Social Distortion
I Was Wrong 1990s Punk
Social Distortion 1990s
Ring of Fire 1990s
Story of My Life 1990s
Sonic Youth
Kool Thing 1990s Alternative
Teen Age Riot 1980s
The Sounds
Living in America 2000s New Wave
Song with a Mission 2000s Alternative
Black Hole Sun 1990s Grunge
Blow Up the Outside World 1990s
Burden in My Hand 1990s
Fell on Black Days 1990s
Jesus Christ Pose 1990s
Outshined 1990s
Pretty Noose 1990s
Rusty Cage 1990s
Spoonman 1990s
The Day I Tried to Live 1990s
In the Meantime 1990s Alternative
Conventional Lover 2000s Pop/Rock
Spin Doctors
Two Princes
Spinal Tap
America 2000s Metal
Back from the Dead 2000s
Big Bottom 2000s
Cups and Cakes 2000s
(Funky)Sex Farm 2000s
Gimme Some Money 2000s
Heavy Duty 2000s
Hell Hole 2000s
(Listen to the)Flower People(Reggae Stylee) 2000s
Rock 'n' Roll Creation 2000s
Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare 2000s
Saucy Jack 2000s
Short&Sweet 2000s
Stonehenge 2000s
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight 2000s
Warmer Than Hell 2000s
SpongeBob SquarePants
A Day Like This 2000s Other
Employee of the Month 2000s
I Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You 2000s
Ridin' the Hook 2000s
The Best Day Ever 2000s
Where's Gary? 2000s
Don't You Evah 2000s Indie Rock
Got Nuffin 2000s
I Turn My Camera On 2000s
Trouble Comes Running 2000s
Cool for Cats 1970s New Wave
This Is It 2000s Nu-Metal
Not Again 2010s
We Built This City 1980s Pop-Rock
Push It 1990s Metal
Steely Dan
Black Friday 1970s Classic Rock
Bodhisattva 1970s
My Old School 1970s
The Sterns
Supreme Girl 2000s Pop/Rock
Stephen and the Colberts
Charlene (I'm Right Behind You) 1980s Pop/Rock
Steve Earle
Satellite Radio 2000s Country
Steve Harly
Make Me Smile
Steve Miller Band
Fly Like an Eagle 1970s Classic Rock
Space Cowboy 1960s
Rock'n Me 1970s
Take the Money and Run 1970s
The Joker 1970s
Stevie Nicks
Edge of Seventeen(Just Like the White Winged Dove) 1980s Classic Rock
Stand Back 1980s
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around 1980s
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
Dirty Pool 1980s Blues
I'm Cryin' 1980s
Lenny 1980s
Love Struck Baby 1980s
Mary Had a Little Lamb 1980s
Pride and Joy 1980s
Rude Mood 1980s
Tell Me 1980s
Testify 1980s
Texas Flood 1980s
Stevie Wonder
Higher Ground 1970s R&B/Soul/Funk
I Wish 1970s
Living for the City 1970s
Sir Duke 1970s
Superstition 1970s
The Stone Roses
Love Spreads 1990s Alternative
Stone Sour
Made of Scars 2000s Metal
Say You'll Haunt Me 2010s
Through Glass 2000s
Stone Temple Pilots
Big Bang Baby 1990s Alternative
Big Empty 1990s
Crackerman 1990s
Creep 1990s
Dead & Bloated 1990s
Huckleberry Crumble 2010s
Interstate Love Song 1990s
Plush 1990s
Sex Type Thing 1990s
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart 1990s
Vasoline 1990s
The Stooges
1969 1960s Rock
I Wanna Be Your Dog 1960s
No Fun 1960s
The Strokes
Reptilia 2000s Rock
Under Cover of Darkness 2010s
Blue Collar Man(Long Nights) 2000s Classic Rock
Renegade 2000s
Too Much Time on My Hands 2000s
Styx & REO Speedwagon
Can't Stop Rockin' 2000s Rock
Santeria 1990s Alternative
What I Got 1990s
Wrong Way 1990s
Sublime with Rome
Panic 2010s Reggae/Ska
The Subways
Oh Yeah 2000s Alternative
Rock&Roll Queen 2000s
It Happens 2000s Country
Settlin' 2000s
Settlin' (RB3 Version) 2000s
Sum 41
Fat Lip 2000s Punk
In Too Deep
Still Waiting 2000s
Stand in the Rain 2000s Pop-Rock
Grace Alternative
Sun Hits the Sky 1990s
Eye of the Tiger 1980s Rock
Action 1970s Glam
Ballroom Blitz 1970s
Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Future Perfect Tense 2000s Pop Rock
Swingin' Utters
This Bastard's Life 1990s Punk
Meant to Live 2000s Alternative
System of a Down
Aerials 2000s Nu-Metal
B.Y.O.B. 2000s Alternative
Chop Suey! 2000s
Hypnotize 2000s Nu-Metal
Toxicity 2000s