Andres 1990s Grunge
Pretend We're Dead 1990s
Lacuna Coil
Closer 2000s Metal
Our Truth 2000s
Swamped 2000s
Lady Antebellum
Lookin' for a Good Time 2000s Country
Need You Now 2000s
Perfect Day 2010s
Perfect Day (RB3 Version) 2010s
Lady Gaga
Bad Romance 2000s Pop-Rock
Born This Way 2010s Pop/Dance/Electronic
Just Dance 2000s Pop-Rock
LoveGame 2000s Pop/Dance/Electronic
Monster 2000s Pop-Rock
Paparazzi 2000s Pop/Dance/Electronic
Poker Face 2000s Pop-Rock
Lamb of God
Laid to Rest 2000s Metal
La Roux
Bulletproof 2000s Pop/Rock
Laura Bell Bundy
Giddy On Up 2010s Country
Giddy On Up (RB3 Version) 2010s
Rebound 2010s Country
Lenny Kravitz
Are You Gonna Go My Way 1980s Rock
Freedom Train
Let Love Rule
Mr. Cab Driver
Les Wampas
Manu Chao 2000s Punk
Welcome to the Neighborhood 2000s Punk
Lights Resolve
Dreaming of Love 2000s Indie Rock
Limp Bizkit
Build a Bridge 2000s Nu-Metal
Gold Cobra 2010s
Nookie 1990s
My Way 2000s
Re-Arranged 1990s
Linea 77
Fantasma 2000s Nu-Metal
Linkin Park
Breaking the Habit 2000s Nu-Metal
Burn It Down 2010s
Crawling 2000s
In the End 2000s
New Divide 2000s
Numb 2000s
One Step Closer 2000s
Shadow of the Day 2000s
Somewhere I Belong 2000s
Waiting for the End 2010s
What I've Done 2000s
My Own Worst Enemy 1990s Pop/Rock
Proibito 1990s Rock
Little Fish
Am I Crazy 2010s Indie Rock
Bang Bang 2010s
Darling Dear 2010s
I Alone 1990s Alternative
Lightning Crashes 1990s
Liz Phair
Rock Me 2000s Pop/Rock
All Over Again 2000s Pop/Rock
Don't Make Me Wait 2000s
She Does 2000s Pop/Rock
Hard Rock Hallelujah 2000s Metal
Working for the Weekend 1980s Pop/Rock
Lucinda Williams
Can't Let Go 1990s Country
Luke Bryan
Rain is a Good Thing 2000s Country
Rain is a Good Thing (RB3 Version) 2000s
Luscious Jackson
Naked Eye 1990s Alternative
De-Luxe 1990s Alternative
Sweetness&Light 1990s
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Gimme Three Steps 1970s Southern Rock
Free Bird 1970s
Saturday Night Special 1970s
Simple Man 1970s
Sweet Home Alabama (Live) 1970s
Tuesday's Gone 1970s
What's Your Name? 1970s