Faith No More
Epic 1980s Rock
From Out of Nowhere 1980s
Midlife Crisis 1990s Alternative
We Care a Lot 1980s
Fall Out Boy
Dance, Dance 2000s Pop/Rock
Dead on Arrival 2000s Emo
I Don't Care 2000s
Sugar, We're Goin' Down 2000s
Thnks fr th Mmrs 2000s
Family Force 5
Love Addict 2000s Rock
This Ain't a Scene,It's an Arms Race 2000s
Hey Man, Nice Shot 1990s Alternative
Tutto E' Possibile 2000s Punk
The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,Pt.1 2000s Alternative
Fleetwood Mac
Don't Stop 1970s Classic Rock
Dreams 1970s
Gold Dust Woma 1970s
Go Your Own Way 1970s
Landslide 1970s
Rhiannon 1970s
World Turning 1970s
The Flobots
Handlebars 2000s Alternative
Florence + the Machine
Dog Days Are Over 2000s Indie Rock
Again 2000s Alternative
I'm So Sick 2000s
Foo Fighters
All My Life 2000s Alternative
Best of You 2000s
Doll 1990s
Enough Space 1990s
Everlong 1990s
February Stars 1990s
Hey, Johnny Park! 1990s
I'll Stick Around 1990s
Learn to Fly 1990s
Lonely as You 2000s
Long Road to Ruin 2000s
Monkey Wrench 1990s
My Hero 1990s
My Poor Brain 1990s
New Way Home 1990s
Rope 2010s
See You 1990s
Stacked Actors 1990s
The Pretender 2000s
This Is a Call
Times Like These
Up in Arms 1990s
Walk 2010s
Walking After You 1990s
Wheels 2000s
Wind Up 1990s
Word Forward 2000s
Blue Morning, Blue Day 1970s Classic Rock
Cold As Ice 1970s
Feels Like the First Time 1970s
Headknocker 1970s
Hot Blooded 1970s
I Want to Know What Love Is 1980s
Juke Box Hero 1970s
Urgent 1980s
Waiting for a Girl Like You 1980s
Foster the People
Helena Beat 2010s Indie Rock
Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) 2010s
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Relax (Come Fighting) 1980s Pop/Dance/Electronic
Franz Ferdinand
Do You Want To 2000s Alternative
Lucid Dreams 2000s
Take Me Out 2000s
The Fratellis
Creepin' Up the Backstairs 2000s Alternative
Flathead 2000s
Henrietta 2000s
Brainpower 2000s Pop/Rock
Get Ready 2 Rokk 2000s
Less Talk More Rokk 2000s
Science Genius Girl 2000s
Sprode 2000s
Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe
We Are Young 2010s Indie Rock
The Futureheads
Decent Days&Nights 2000s Alternative
Hounds of Love 2000s