Don't Look Back In Anger 1990s Rock
Live Forever 1990s
Rock 'n' Roll Star 1990s
Supersonic(Live) 2000s
Wonderwall 1990s
The Offspring
All I Want 1990s Rock
A Lot Like Me 2000s
Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated) 1990s
Days Go By 2010s
Gone Away 1990s
Hammerhead 2000s
Pretty Fly(for a White Guy) 1990s
Self Esteem 1990s
The Kids Aren't Alright 1990s
Ohio Players
Fire 1970s R&B/Soul/Funk
Love Rollercoaster 1970s
Here It Goes Again 2000s Pop/Rock
Shooting the Moon 2000s
Old 97s
Time Bomb(Live) 2000s Country
One Night Only
Just for Tonight 2000s Pop/Rock
Stop&Stare 2000s Pop-Rock
Opiate for the Masses
Burn You Down 2000s Rock
Ghost of Perdition 2000s Prog
According to You 2000s Pop-Rock
Otis Redding
(Sittin' on the)Dock of the Bay(Take 2) 1990s Other
Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa(Sad Song) 1960s
I'm Sick Y'all 1960s
I've Got Dreams to Remember 1990s
Love Man 1990s
The Outlaws
Green Grass and High Tides 1970s Southern Rock
Owl City
Fireflies 2000s Pop/Dance/Electronic
Ozzy Osbourne
Bark at the Moon 1980s Metal
Crazy Babies 1980s
Crazy Train 1980s
Diary of a Madman 1980s
Diggin' Me Down 20100s
Flying High Again 1980s
I Don't Know 1980s
I Don't Wanna Stop 2000s
Let Me Hear You Scream 2010s
Mama, I'm Coming Home 1990s
Mr. Crowley 1980s
No More Tears 1990s
Over the Mountain 1980s
Soul Sucker 2010s
Steal Away (The Night) 1980s